Neuropsychological Evaluation

Neuropsychology is an applied branch of psychology that studies the way in which the structure and function of the brain are connected and influence the way a person thinks, acts and behaves.

It concerns memory, attention, executive functions, and visual-spatial abilities.

The evaluation therefore concerns the diagnosis of the deficits in the above areas with the application of specialized psychometric tools. (WISC-V,WAIS-IV etc.)

The purpose of neuropsychological evaluation is to provide supplies for building a personalized neuropsychological rehabilitation program.

Neuropsychological rehabilitation concerns the strengthening of the individual, in order to recognize and manage his cognitive deficits through learning techniques (eg memory empowerment) functional for him.

In this context, the psychoeducation of caregivers is included, for their support but also for their ability to plan the care of the individual.

Neuropsychological Evaluation