Family Therapy
Couple Therapy

Family therapy and couple therapy have the same goals and the same results as individual psychotherapy, through interaction with significant others.

Our sessions last 60 minutes and are recommended to be performed weekly for maximum efficiency. The psychotherapeutic process aims to strengthen the individual through:

  • The development of those skills that will help him manage emerging problems and difficulties.
  • Awareness of oneself, recognition of one's thoughts and feelings.
  • Improving his relationships with his important, others.
Family psychotherapy sees the family as a micro-system where the understanding of one member's behavior is also determined by the behavior of the other members. All members have the same responsibility for perpetuating the problem of "one", the emphasis shifts from the individual to the "whole" of the family.

We undertake:

  1. Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders
  2. Panic Attacks
  3. Phobias, special phobias and social phobia
  4. Obsessions, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  5. Mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, mania)
  6. Eating Disorders (Psychogenic Anorexia, Psychogenic Bulimia, Overeating)
  7. Developmental Disorders
  8. Psychoses (Hallucinations, Hallucinations)
  9. Psychosomatic problems
  10. Managing emotions (eg Anger)
  11. Enhancing self-esteem, self-knowledge, Self-improvement
"There are no individuals in the world only fragments of families"
Carl Whitaker
Family Therapy – Couple Therapy